site de chat, l'union des éleveurs de chats de race.
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Annuaire Animalier
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Chats de race, élevages et éleveurs de chats, pensions, refuges, videos du web - FELICHATS.COM le site de référence
Breeding I like because it is my sister, will discover the Norwegians.
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Website Turkish Angora Cattery
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in France
Breeder of the United States with which CARRIE and Patty arrives
Owner of Jungle, Phénomène, Roswell
Breeder of KANTARA from Germany
Of Melek Kedi ***
Mithrandir's ***
Breeder of ALLADIN from Germany
Dschadi's ***
Breeder of AMATERASU (Zuzu) from Netherlands
Antioch ***
Owner of Gunsmoke and Breeder Amazon in Hungary
Angoraphil ***
Owner of Jamaïcaand Luken in Holland
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Co-Owner of Loukoum in Germany
Vom Varusfeld ***
Co-Owner of Loukoum in Germany
Serena Vita's ***
La Nuit des Temps
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