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Since my childhood I always had cats. The purchase of my first TUAs, Bysance and Bianca in 2006, was not planned and the passion for this breed as well as becoming a breeder has evolved from living with these great cats. Cattery la Mosquée Bleue My cattery is deliberately kept limited: my cats live with us, receiving care, TLC and permanent attention. The same goes for the kittens, which will have been well socialised at the moment of leaving home. Our aim is a sound cat, well coated, with panache and a straight profile, a well-balanced character and above all a personality, a good expression and full of charisma. Our aim is not only to “create” cats of show standard, but also of lifelong companions having an impact on their future owners. Our breeding stock is regularly presented at shows, participating at Special TUA shows, in order to compare themselves with other Turkish Angoras. However, we are not on the road or at shows every weekend, the care of my cats and their litters takes first priority. We wish to participate in the Qualification Program Breeders (SQR) set up on 1 January 2015 (for more http://www.loof.asso.fr/eleveurs/SQR-intro.php). In the flat, the cats are allowed to roam freely in all rooms, but one room is especially devoted to them. They have cat trees to climb, toys to play with, my bed ... a royal life ... Pregnant females always seem to find their favourite kittening place in the television rack in my bedroom! After a few weeks, the whole family moves into the room especially ready to accommodate them so that they can grow up getting used to all the noises and smells associated with a home. When they are big enough …. the entire flat is theirs ! Our passion, we share it with individuals but also breeders. We try to find partners and to be able to make a better selection of our kittens while remaining a family breeding in small classes.
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** Important Condition: the kittens must be happy ** - kittens do not leave before 3 months (at about 13 to 14 weeks of age) : to ensure a good behavioural development, a perfect socialisation, giving them a chance to adapt easily in their new family. - Vaccinated : Typhus, Coryza, Leukosis (+ follow-up vaccination ), rabies and EU passport. - Worming : every month before leaving. - Identification : microchip - Neutering/spaying : for all kittens leaving as pets. - LOOF : They ALL get an official feline pedigree LOOF (CFA pedigree possible), stating their origins and those of their parents. - Sales contract and lifelong advice on their growing development in general. - Price : Our kittens are sold 1000 euros for the "company" (including sterilization) the price is declining with age, for breeding thank you contact me. ** Kittens remain the property of la CHATTERIE DE LA MOSQUEE BLEUE until complete payment has been received. - You can place a specific kitten under option as to follow its development* *- for company the option may remain in place time to let the opportunity to travel to meet us and see your future kitten. *- for breeding/show a decision will not be on the "quality" (company / breeding / show) of their kittens before 8 / 10 weeks. - Reservations are binding after a down-payment and a confirmation contract will be sent to the future buyer (by mail or e-mail). - I love to follow the kittens’ progress after they leave, so any news from time to time, especially with pictures of the kitten/cat is very much appreciated. - I will remain available for any assistance so you can always contact me with questions and for advice. - Personal delivery of the kitten is possible, at the buyer’s expense. ** We reserve the right to select prospective purchasers of our cats **
You will find below the terms of sale and our administrative and sanitary conditions and details concerning the adoption of your future mate (its conditions adapts and therefore varies slightly depending on the litters). We remain at your disposal and we will be happy to reply and do not hesitate to visit us.
Administrative Guarantees : My cattery is registered at the DDSPP de Maine et Loire and the Chambre d'Agriculture de Maine et Loire under Siret number 89344366300016. I hold the "Certificat des Connaissances des Animaux Domestiques" , which is the equivalent of an Animal Care Certificate. The cattery possesses a Certificat de Capacité under number 49211 at the Préfecture du Maine et Loire. The cattery is registered in LOOF (possibility pedigree CFA). All our cats and kittens has pedigreed LOOF. Médiateur convention n° MEDIAVET-D-22-1739 Site https://mediavet.net . Guarantees concerning our breeding stock : All my cats are vaccinated against typhus, coryza, leukosis and rabies. They are tested negative for Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV), Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV). They are regularly wormed.
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