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** Important Condition: the kittens must be happy ** - kittens do not leave before 3 months (at about 13 to 14 weeks of age) : to ensure a good behavioural development, a perfect socialisation, giving them a chance to adapt easily in their new family. - Vaccinated : Typhus, Coryza, Leukosis (+ follow-up vaccination ), rabies and EU passport. - Worming : every month before leaving. - Identification : microchip - Neutering/spaying : for all kittens leaving as pets. - LOOF : They ALL get an official feline pedigree LOOF (CFA pedigree possible), stating their origins and those of their parents. - Sales contract and lifelong advice on their growing development in general. ** Kittens remain the property of la CHATTERIE DE LA MOSQUEE BLEUE until complete payment has been received. - You can place a specific kitten under option as to follow its development* *- for company the option may remain in place time to let the opportunity to travel to meet us and see your future kitten. *- for breeding/show a decision will not be on the "quality" (company / breeding / show) of their kittens before 8 / 10 weeks. - Reservations are binding after a down-payment and a confirmation contract will be sent to the future buyer (by mail or e-mail). - I love to follow the kittens’ progress after they leave, so any news from time to time, especially with pictures of the kitten/cat is very much appreciated. - I will remain available for any assistance so you can always contact me with questions and for advice. - Personal delivery of the kitten is possible, at the buyer’s expense. ** We reserve the right to select prospective purchasers of our cats **
kitten born 16 June 2019
Turkish Angora
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